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Shelf -Retail Ready Packaging

We offer many variants for Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP). The objective of our SRP/RRP is to increase primary pack sales and broaden your brand awareness.

Our SRP/RRP is designed to be uncomplicated to pack and withstand transportation to store. We understand that:

  • Once the packaging arrives in store, they must be easy to identify and recognise, often with simple graphics and pictorial instructions.
  • It is imperative that all Shelf Ready Packaging/Retail Ready Packaging opens and provides a good fit for the shelf.
  • Once on the shelf, presentation is a key factor. There must be a clear link between the primary and secondary packaging to achieve good presentation and catch the eye of the consumer.

Finally, our Shelf Ready Packaging/Retail Ready Packaging will be straightforward to dispose of and contribute to reducing packaging waste. We have a wide range of suitable options that we can tailor to the specific needs of your products and the retailers that you work with.